The Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD) is evaluating the feasibility of developing a raw water reservoir to increase water supply to the existing Chapman Water System and is progressing a raw water reservoir feasibility study (the SCRD Project).

Four sites were under consideration by the SCRD.  Falkirk was retained by Integrated Sustainability to conduct a high-level scoping exercise related to key environmental approvals requirements for moving the Project forward.  This scoping work contributed to an overall options analysis for selecting one or more preferred sites for a new raw water resource in the SCRD.

For this project, the Falkirk team undertook a desktop review of existing information, including design reports, water supply / watershed planning documents, strategic land use plans, as well as reports summarizing past biophysical studies undertaken in the area.  Using this information, the scope, estimated costs, and anticipated timeline for completing environmental assessments and obtaining required approvals were provided for each of the four sites under consideration.

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