Falkirk has been retained by Osisko Development Corporation (Osisko) of Montreal, Quebec and their wholly owned subsidiary Barkerville Gold Mines (BGM) since late 2019 to act as the overall Approvals Lead for the Cariboo Gold Project (CGP) and the existing Bonanza Ledge and QR mines. This work includes leading the environmental assessment of a proposed 4,750 tonne per day underground gold mine and milling facility located in British Columbia’s Cariboo region. The CGP is the first major development project to go through BC’s new Environmental Assessment process that was brought into force in the province in 2019. Falkirk has also been responsible for leading the successful Joint Permit Amendment Process (JAPA) under the province’s Mines Act and Environmental Management Act relating to the expansion of the existing Bonanza Ledge and QR Mines. This work has included extensive engagement with provincial regulatory agencies, First Nation communities in the region and their consulting teams, managing a large technical team of external consultants, closure planning and reclamation bonding and overall schedule management.

Falkirk, through the group’s Environmental Management and Compliance practice, are also supporting the compliance and regulatory reporting activities of BGM. This includes tracking permit and regulatory obligations, annual and quarterly reporting and supporting the BGM operations team with non-compliance reporting and mitigation.

Finally, Falkirk’s Water Resources Group has been supporting the Osisko development and operations team on key issues relating to water treatment, water management and tailings operations.

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