Vancouver, British Columbia


Ryan Burgess brings a diverse professional history and collaborative approach to Falkirk. This includes roles in mine site operations, exploration, infrastructure engineering, sales, and business development. Before joining Falkirk, Ryan worked with an infrastructure development firm focused on the development of holistic water management plans and the design, engineering, construction, and commissioning of mine water treatment plants.

Ryan’s project experiences have contributed to environmentally-responsible and productive development of resources in Canada. His specialties include the engineering, design, commissioning and maintenance of mine water treatment systems, project permitting and water licencing and water management planning for mining projects and operations.

With a background in mining and mechanical engineering, Ryan bridges technical and non-technical project partners, allowing him to work with a wide array of stakeholders to deliver innovative project development plans. His ability to develop and foster productive working relationships affords him the opportunity to build trust and achieve alignment during the development of complex projects.

Water Stewardship Advisor / Project Engineer

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