Indigenous Interests and Stakeholder Engagement

We strive to build trust and promote respectful relationships within all communities by creating effective platforms for open communication.


The Human Environment and Indigenous Relations teams work collaboratively under the leadership and direction of Christy Smith, Falkirk’s Vice President of Indigenous and Stakeholder Engagement, and proud member of the K’ómoks First Nation on Vancouver Island.

The Indigenous Service Area team specializes in several areas including permitting, EA and regulatory requirements related to working with Indigenous communities, joint venture and partnership development, consultation and overall engagement strategies. This includes initiating, planning, and executing all consultation activities and developing and implementing strategic engagement and consultation plans.

Falkirk has many years of experience navigating and supporting consultation and engagement with Indigenous nations and surrounding communities in the context of environmental assessments, project permitting, technical and cultural reviews, and Impact Benefit Agreement negotiations. Falkirk supports proponents in the development of authentic relationships with Indigenous Nations through ESG+I strategies and reporting, capacity development, reconciliation action planning, and relationship management.

Falkirk builds trust and promotes respectful relationships within all communities by creating effective platforms for open communication. We understand that all individuals have something valuable to contribute and that the most important aspect of open communication, active listening and facilitation of discussions when progressing through the permitting and development process. Falkirk works closely with Indigenous communities to understand their unique protocols and processes, bring relationship development beyond referrals management and to develop meaningful and practical approaches to capacity building. Falkirk is very familiar with the issues that can arise among Indigenous Nations, the public, and Proponents and how these issues may impact projects as they intersect.

Falkirk supports companies to create impactful legacies collaborating with Indigenous communities. Companies with which we work become recognized for the long-lasting benefits that their projects create, in cooperation with Indigenous communities. The trust and sound reputation developed creates certainty and longevity for projects, companies, and investors.

The services provided by Falkirk are predicated on early, meaningful, and deep engagement. We work to balance community and industry goals, providing tools and frameworks that foster and strengthen relationships. We have an unparalleled track record in bridging the gap between industry, community, First Nations and government; and are known for achieving positive outcomes that allow projects to advance successfully.


The Globe and Mail

Globe and Mail Article interviewing Christy Smith dated September 14, 2022: Indigenous inclusion at work is more than just representation – it’s reconciliation

Weaving Two Worlds

A must read for those working in the resource based industry : Weaving Two Worlds: Economic Reconciliation Between Indigenous Peoples and the Resource Sector – by Christy Smith and Michael McPhie

"We have an unparalleled track record in bridging the gap between industry, community, First Nations and government; and are known for achieving positive outcomes that allow projects to advance successfully."


Key services include

  • Incorporation of Indigenous knowledge and values in regulatory processes and corporate decision making;
  • Community and Indigenous engagement strategy development;
  • Indigenous knowledge and Indigenous interests’ assessments;
  • Relationship development, management & ongoing engagement with Indigenous communities;
  • Reconciliation Action plans;
  • Economic partnership development strategies and execution;
  • Traditional knowledge and land use studies and mapping;
  • UNDRIP action plan and strategy development;
  • ESG+I strategy development, reporting, and assessments with a focus on the inclusion of Indigenous rights and interests;
  • ESG+I financing strategy development and portfolio management;
  • Free, prior, and informed consent (FPIC) action plan development and evaluation;
  • Development and assessment of Indigenous-led climate change adaptation and mitigation, net-zero, and sustainability action plans;
  • Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and Taskforce on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures (TNFD);
  • Collaborative community-based indicator work; and
  • Investor due diligence and materiality assessments.

Project Team

Christy Smith
01 / 05
Christy Smith
Vice President, Indigenous and Stakeholder Engagement

Christy leads the Indigenous Engagement and Human Environment Practice Area for Falkirk, is a member of the K’ómoks First Nation and a highly skilled and accomplished professional with 25 years of proven expertise.

Connor Paone
01 / 05
Connor Paone
Senior Engagement Specialist

Connor Paone is an interdisciplinary specialist with a strong background in working directly with First Nations communities both as a staff member and as a consultant.

Ryan Deneault
01 / 05

Ryan Deneault
Indigenous Engagement Specialist

An innovative community leader with over 10 years in business development. Skilled in creating meaningful, lasting, and mutually beneficial partnerships. Focused on leading and improving Indigenous Relations in the extractives sector. Member of the Skeetchestn Indian Band.

Alyssia Jebb
01 / 05
Alyssia Jebb
Indigenous Engagement & Permitting Coordinator

Alyssia is an environmental professional with 10 years of experience working in the environmental sector as an environmental consultant and as a referrals analyst for the shishalh Nation. Alyssia is registered as an Applied Science Technologist (AScT) with the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia.

Moriah Inkster
01 / 05
Moriah Inkster
Project Coordinator, Indigenous Stakeholder Engagement

Moriah is a Project Coordinator working in Indigenous and Stakeholder Engagement providing support on the delivery of projects within that practice area.

Nikki Lambertus
01 / 05
Nikki Lambertus
Engagement Specialist

Nikki has a degree in Geography and Environmental studies and is currently in the process of obtaining her MBA. Before joining the Falkirk team in 2023, Nikki worked in the mining sector at Teck Highland Valley Copper (THVC). While at THVC, Nikki worked as a Cultural Heritage Coordinator and Safety & Loss Control Coordinator.

Christy Smith
Connor Paone
 Ryan Deneault
Alyssia Jebb
Moriah Inkster
Nikki Lambertus
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Project Profiles

Shasta Baker Project

Client — TDG Gold Corp.

Falkirk is the Lead Consultant with overall responsibility for project management, study coordination and the final deliverables for baseline studies, procurement, and leading environmental compliance and permitting. Falkirk also functions as the Indigenous Advisory team for this company, including negotiations with Indigenous communities and governments, consultation, development of engagement plans and strategies, and policy development.

The Falkirk team has also supported water quality impact assessment and gap analysis of the current water quality information to support regulatory applications.

Bralorne Gold Mines / Spences Bridge

Talisker Resources Ltd.

Talisker Resources Ltd. has utilized Falkirk as an Owners’ Representative for project permitting, water treatment, Indigenous Engagement and Negotiations on multiple projects throughout British Columbia.

At Talisker’s Bralorne Gold Mine, Falkirk has undertaken the development and negotiation of mutually beneficial agreements between the company and relevant Indigenous communities, facilitation of quarterly Environmental Monitoring Board meetings (permit condition), growth of relationships through appropriate cultural lenses, and ongoing updates and communication between the company and the Indigenous communities in its project areas.

Falkirk has been instrumental in establishing both business and community partnerships associated with Talisker’s projects across British Columbia. Sensitive to Indigenous ways of knowing and interacting with the land, Falkirk’s Christy Smith has facilitated authentic and long-standing relationships between Talisker, and a number of Indigenous Nations, including Nation-led capacity building and community support initiatives.