Connor Paone

Connor Paone

Senior Engagement Specialist

MBA and Masters in Strategic Management

Connor Paone is an interdisciplinary specialist with a strong background in working directly with First Nations communities both as a staff member and as a consultant. Connor has supported and led the development and implementation of strategic plans, management operations, intergovernmental relations, and joint-venture agreement within First Nations governments, administrations, and economic development corporations. Connor unique experience provides critical perspectives from his work in creating programs on the ground and in community to high-level corporate strategy.

Connor’s personal passion is to learn from different cultures about how we can manage organizations in ways that lead to social, environmental, and economic abundance for all. Professionally, Connor works to support organizations to develop and implement strategies that maximize abundance in terms of social and environmental impact and return on investment.

Connor has an MBA from EAE Business School and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain), a Graduate Diploma in Project Management from Royal Roads University (Victoria, B.C.), and an BA in Political Science and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria (B.C., Canada).

Specialized Discipline of Experience:

Community Engagement, Project Management, Strategic Planning