Erin Slater

Erin Slater

Indigenous and Community Engagement Team Lead

MSc, Biology (Zoology)

Erin is the Indigenous Engagement and Human Environment Practice lead at Falkirk and brings more than 20 years of professional experience working as an environmental practitioner in stakeholder and Indigenous engagement roles within various natural resource and energy sectors. Erin is a skilled professional with a broad range of technical experience in the design and implementation of engagement strategies, community-lead field programs, multidisciplinary project management and strategic planning. Throughout her career, Erin has worked closely with Indigenous communities, industry, academic and government agencies to ensure varying interests and priorities have a voice in the decision-making and planning process. Erin is dedicated to supporting more equitable and inclusive approaches to environmental management and is committed to stewardship in all aspects of her work. She specializes in working with communities to identify practical solutions to environmental challenges and complex issues and in the establishment of creative collaborations, respectful and resilient relationships.

Specialized Discipline of Experience:

Indigenous Engagement, environmental consultant