Jacob MacLaine

Jacob MacLaine

Geochemist / Water Quality Specialist

BSc, Geology and Environmental Science

Jacob is a professional geoscientist (Alberta) with over five years experience in environmental consulting, with project experience spanning Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and South America. Most recently, his focus has been assisting clients expand their understanding of the geochemical risks at their sites and manage those risks through mass balance modelling. This includes supporting geochemical characterization programs, conducting water quality assessments, development of geochemical source terms and mine site conceptual models. Jacob uses these skills to support environmental assessments, permitting, and engineering design basis for mining projects. Past experience includes hydrogeological field investigations and environmental site assessments. He is passionate about explaining complex information in easy-to-understand means, data visualization, and working with multi-disciplinary teams.

Specialized Discipline of Experience:

Geochemist/Water Quality