Jonathan Love

Jonathan Love

Water Monitoring Studies & Assessment Team Lead


Jonathan is a water quality specialist with more than ten years of professional experience in surface water quality monitoring. He has specialist skills in field water quality assessment and data evaluation as part of aquatic effects monitoring programs in Northern Canada.

Jonathan has a strong background in water quality monitoring and assessment programs in the mining, oil and gas, and municipal sectors. He is experienced with project management and coordination, including coordination across multi-disciplinary teams. He has strong skills in planning, coordination, and execution of field programs, including development of standard work instructions, budgets, and providing technical expertise. Jonathan has a strong understanding of federal and provincial guidelines and regulatory requirements for surface water, effluent, and drinking water as well as experience in surface water field data and sample collection. He has a strong analytical laboratory background, specializing in water quality nutrient analysis.

Specialized Discipline of Experience:

Water Quality Monitoring and Assessments, Multi-Disciplinary Aquatics Field Programs, Project Management, Analytical Chemistry