Nikolay Sidenko

Nikolay Sidenko

Senior Geochemistry Lead

M.Sc., Geology

Dr. Sidenko is a Geochemist and registered professional geoscientist with 26 years of consulting and research experience focusing on Metal Leaching and Acid Rock (ML/ARD) studies and water-quality predictions. Nikolay’s technical experience includes determination of background concentrations, characterization of contaminant sources, delineation of contamination, monitoring and modelling of contaminant movement in streams and groundwater. Nikolay has extensive experience with different methods of data interpretation and geochemical modelling including reactive transport simulations. Nikolay has worked on many environmental assessments, management plans and permits for mining, hydroelectric, transportation and transmission projects. Nikolay has conducted independent/third-party technical reviews for private organizations, and for provincial and federal governments. He has several papers published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Specialized Discipline of Experience:

Geochemist/Water Quality