Paula Salter

Paula Salter

Sr Social Analyst Team Lead


Paula has a Masters in social work with a focus on communities, policies, planning, and organizations. For over 15 years, Paula has supported transformative system change initiatives to advance equity and social justice for those that have been traditionally socially excluded. She was a program consultant for national maternal and child health programs and supported the development of provincial health equity frameworks. Paula was a Social Planner for high-risk youth, and immigrant and refugees in Calgary. In British Columbia, Paula supported the implementation of Canadian Human Right Tribunal rulings related to Indigenous child welfare reform through prevention funding, Jordan’s Principle, and reclaiming jurisdiction over children and families by asserting Indigenous traditional laws. She looks for solutions in unlikely places and believes that answers can be found by building relationships and listening to the wisdom of the people who are impacted by particular issues or initiatives. She brings a sophisticated understanding of evaluation processes, community-based participatory processes, identifying meaningful indicators for desired outcomes, and is skilled in facilitation, planning and assessments. Paula is committed to Truth and Reconciliation and to decolonizing her imagination in order to do things differently, so everyone benefits.

Specialized Discipline of Experience:

Socio-Economics, Indigenous Engagement and Human Environment