Scott Bailey

Scott Bailey

Strategic Regulatory Advisor

M.A., Environment & Management, Bachelor of Science - BSc, Geography and Environmental Studies

Scott is a seasoned senior executive with almost 28 years of experience in private and public sectors, working as a regulator, consultant and proponent. Scott has had decision-making, oversight or project management roles on dozens of environmental assessments across all sectors in BC, over the past 13 years. His most recent role has been serving in the capacity of Associate Vice President, Regulatory Affairs with the BC Transportation Investment Corporation. Scott especially enjoys working in the intersection of regulatory processes and Indigenous relations, finding shared solutions to the many opportunities and challenges that come with major project development.

With deep knowledge of the BC Environmental Assessment Act (2018), the rationale behind it, and how it works in practice, Scott brings a strong strategic perspective to planning and delivering regulatory programs. After 23 years working for the Province of BC, including five years as Assistant Deputy Minister at the BC Environmental Assessment Office, Scott knows how government works and how decisions are made. Scott can deliver strategies for major projects by navigating government processes, bringing people together and working collaborativelly with Indigenous nations, government regulators and stakeholders.

Specialized Discipline of Experience:

Regulatory Strategies, Environmental Assessment (EA), Indigenous Relations, Government Decision Making and Processes, Public Policy, Collaboration